We are DB Collective :)

It's not About Us. It's About You!

Who we are

We are a collective of 63 entrepreneurs, designers, developers, and thinkers. Our objective is to help you grow your business on all touch points. Whether it's internal operations, thinking through a new process, attracting new customers, creating a better social presence, or building a product or service, we'll help you attain your goals. Our Collective has over 100 years of combined experience in consulting, development, marketing and creative.

DB Collective was founded by Brian Jacob & Dhiraj Thareja in the early 2000's with the intent of helping Healthcare organizations with their creative & software needs. DB has since expanded their offerings to help any organization. We've helped over 250 businesses, and more than 15 Fortune 100 & 500 Companies.

Our promise is to help you grow... Because if you don't, we don't.

Why we do it

Our inspiration is derived from yours. What makes DB Collective Inc. uniquely different is our team. Each of us has a specialty, a talent that is used to help people achieve exactly what our customers want. Located in Manhattan NY, Miami, Chicago, LA, Bahamas & India, we are in perfect urban settings that bring life to creativity and amazing product development.

Technology that works for you

Our individual skills and extensive knowledge on the latest modern technology ensures that all of our websites are made to effectively and captivatingly inform people, all through three formulated steps: Design, Build, and Market. We start off by getting to know you and your business; finding out what is necessary to make you grow, how we can improve your ratings, and increase sales.

You are the center of our focus, and we work to give you a variety of options to choose from. Then, we like to get tech-savy and creative using advanced technologies such as, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, PHP, mySQL, WordPress, Git, Laravel, and state of the art servers to bring you the highest quality professional appearance you can get. It's all about stability and effort.

Invite people to your party

To seal it off, we take it to the best part, marketing your finished website, and thoughtfully promoting it. Advertisement is the name of the game. We have many successful campaigns in all of the major online advertising mediums, including: Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin and more. However the final product here is your successful business.

Building a business is a big step in improving your way of life, and the lives of
those around you. Let us be your partner in doing so.
That is our promise.