Gents & Lords

Gents & Lords

Gents & Lords is more than just a brand, it is a gentleman's lifestyle. We can only dream of a product so elegant and sophisticated being made with natural products and being cruelty free, but the dreaming stops here. This hair pomade is of the highest quality created with the finest natural ingredients and is also 100% cruelty free. Gents & Lord's effortlessly represents class, style, and elegance.


Gents & Lords is a one of a kind hair pomade company, but more than just a brand Gents & Lords is a gentleman's lifestyle. They create exceptional hair products made with the highest quality ingredients, made in Miami, FL.



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Diego Ramirez owner of Gents & Lords came to us with a product in the works. We easily connected to his vision of wanting to properly brand his all natural gentleman-inspired pomade, and knew exactly what he needed to make his idea come to life. While coming to us with an elegant and natural concept behind Gents & Lords, he lacked the proper strategies needed for his business to boom.


We were able to find a solution through the use of branding, marketing and a re-branded logo. We developed several branding and marketing strategies which created a great amount of awareness and a solid platform for Gents & Lords to build their business upon. We also re-branded an elegant and sophisticated logo that serves as the face of the company. With our re-branded label design we were able to emphasize on this product containing all natural ingredients and being 100% cruelty free.


Through the right branding and marketing strategies we were able to make Gents & Lord's a professional and presentable company. Our strategies resulted in a beautifully finished product, labeled and designed to perfection. Our strategies also resulted in the company gaining a great amount of business and recognition. We are striving towards putting these products on Sephora's shelves and making Gents and Lords your number one hair pomade.

Amazing Texture and Organic

Bottle Design and Packaging

Instagram Management

Natural & Organic

Made with only the finest ingredients

All Natural & Organic ingredients only. Keeping it safe for everyone.

The Prince Pomade

Organic Promade to help style your hair and keep it feeling light

The King Clay

Organic Clay that provides a much stronger hold